Burrel S22WA 4G wireless trail camera

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Burrel S22 WA is an easy to use cellular trail camera equipped with an advanced wide angle lens for surveillance and hunting. Thanks to its wide angle lens the camera is suited for various use cases from hunting wildlife to property surveillance and everything in between. The camera detects a moving object up to 25 meters away using an internal motion sensor and takes a picture or a video from the object. The camera will send a picture to the user's e-mail and the picture or video will also be saved on the camera's SD card. Burrel S22 WA is also compatible with the Burrel+ service so the pictures can also be sent straight to the Burrel+ Android or iOS app. The Burrel+ service can also be used via an internet browser. Thanks to the built-in GPS, it's possible to track the location of the Burrel S22 WA camera.

  • Best reliability - the powerful antenna ensures that the camera will always have the best cellular coverage: 2G, 3G or 4G.
  • Sending pictures and videos to the Burrel+ gallery - The camera will utilize cellular network when sending the pictures and videos to the Burrel+ service or to an e-mail address. Utilizing of the cellular network makes the camera inexpensive to use no matter how many pictures or videos are sent.
  • Advanced optics: CMOS sensor with 24 megapixels and 1140p video - super sharp pictures and videos, day and night.
  • Black IR flash - Black IR flash makes the camera completely invisible during the night, illuminating the pictures up to 25 meters
  • Motion detection up to 25 meters - The internal motion sensor detects a moving object up to 25 meters away.
  • Renewed design - Thanks to a front screen, an illuminated keypad and a waterproof outer shell the camera is easy to use.

BURREL S22 WA finally brings something groundbreaking to the trail camera market! The camera fulfills even the most demanding needs with its wide angle lens, excellent picture quality, long motion detection range and invisible black IR flash. Burrel cellular trail cameras are probably the most reliable cellular trail cameras on the market, made specifically for the challenging Finnish conditions. The camera has a low power consumption and can be used either with 12pcs AA alkaline batteries or an 12V external power source (external battery, solar panel or a power plug). The camera is easy to set up and its settings can be edited either via the Burrel+ service or directly through the 2.0" color screen and illuminated keypad.

Features: * Cellular network: Yes (2G, 3G and 4G) - requires an external SIM card * Sending pictures: Yes * Sending video: Yes * Resolution: 24Mp * Video: 2K 1440p @ 30fps * Field of View: 110° * Photo burst: 1-10 pictures * Video length: 1-30s * Trigger time: 0.4s * PIR sensor: Adjustable * Trigger interval: 0-60min * Time lapse: Yes