Burrel – Terms & conditions


Once you have completed your order we will send the order confirmation by email. The order confirmation will be delivered to email address you have entered in the checkout. Alaska Brands cancels the orders with incorrect prices.

Orders made without person's consent will be reported to authorities.

Payment methods

You may pay using credit card, Klarna invoice or Klarna part payment. Available payment options may vary between different countries. PayPal and Klarna are the payment providers. Alaska Brands doesn't store any credit card data.


All prices shown on website include VAT. If the order is sent outside the EU, duties and taxes might be added by local customs. Alaska Brands is no responsible of such costs.

Product information

Alaska Brands has the right to change product information or prices without notice and is not responsible of wrong information shown on the website. Orders placed with incorrect prices will be cancelled and refunded to customers. Available product information reflects the actual product as much as possible. If you notice any incorrect information, please contact our customer service.

Returns and complaints

Alaska Brands provides free exchange and return within 30 days from purchase. Check the received products to verify products are not damaged. Any damages or missing products should be reported to our customer service within 30 days. In case of exchange or return of products please contact our customer service for instructions. All products have to be returned in the same condition as when received. Alaska Brands products have 12 months warranty that cover fabric or manufacturing defects.

Company information

Alaska Brands Oy (FI24221246)

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