Firmware updates for Burrel trail cameras

Notice that the firmware updates below does not include Burrel+ compatible cameras. Support for Burrel+ cameras can be found here:

The newest firmware updates for these cameras have been released 27.8.2020. The update fixes the possible issues regarding the sending of pictures / videos.

How to execute the update

  1. Download the .zip-file to your personal or mac-powered computer by clicking the correct camera model link above. Unzip the file to your computer, you should find the firmware-file named FW96650A.bin
  2. Attach the camera to your computer using the USB-cable that came with the device. Alternatively, place the memory card to the memory reader in your computer.
  3. When your computer recognizes the device, move the FW96650A.bin-file from your computer to the folder that opened for the camera / memory card.
  4. Detach the USB-cable / insert the memory card to your camera
  5. Select SETUP in the camera's power switch
  6. When the camera has been turned on, press the MENU-button. After this move to the system settings in the devices menu ( the gear symbol in the upper part of the screen)
  7. Scroll down by pressing the downwards pointing arrow-button until you find ‘’update’’. Press OK when update is selected.
  8. Camera now installs the new firmware.
  9. When the firmware has been installed, press MENU and again go to the system settings.
  10. Scroll down on the system settings until you find ‘’default’’. Press OK.
  11. By restoring the default settings, the device activates the new wireless features that the firmware includes

The new firmware update in the Burrel Edge HD+3G, Edge HD+4G and S12HD+SMS Pro -trail cameras define the wireless settings automatically. The automatically defined settings use Burrel’s own server. Consequently, to start using the camera, you only need to add the receiving email address. Add the email address as follows:

  1. Choose the desired language in the system settings.
  2. Go to wireless settings (the menu in the far right, symbol with three bars).
  3. Scroll down on the menu and find ‘’email’’. Press OK when email is selected. You should see four empty rows where you can select the first one. Type the receiving address and SAVE.


For older trail cameras, automatic wireless settings are included (released 15.8.2019)

  1. Download the .zip-file by clicking the camera model's name above.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file on your computer. Note that the .bin firmware update file can not be opened on your computer, only the trail camera can execute the file.
  3. Insert the trail cameras memory card on your computer. Alternatively, attach the USB-cable provided with the camera.
  4. Transfer the .bin update file to your memory card / cameras memory.
  5. Insert the memory card to the trail camera / detach the USB-cable.
  6. Shut the camera by moving the power switch to OFF-setting.
  7. Press the PLAY-button (found in between the Menu and Del buttons), at the same time, move the power switch to SETUP-setting
  8. Hold the PLAY button down, until the camera turns on and you can see the BURREL logo appear on the screen.
  9. The update has now been executed.