frequently asked questions about trails cameras

The camera doesn't send pictures?

If the camera's firmware has not been updated, do it by following the instructions found here.

Return the camera to it's default settings so that the automatic wireless settings reform. This can be done as follows:

  1. Turn the power switch to SETUP-mode. Press the Menu-button and go to the system settings
  2. Find ''Default'' and press OK.
  3. Go to wireless settings.
  4. Select ''Email - Enter''. Press OK and type the email address in the empty row. After typing, press SAVE.
  5. Go back to wireless settings by pressing Menu- button. Go to ''Phone - Enter'' and press OK. Type the phone number that you will be using to control the camera.
  6. Go back to camera view by pressing Menu-button. 
  7. Press OK, so that the camera takes a picture manually. press OK again, when the camera ask's if you'd like to send the picture.

If the picture arrives to the saved email address, the wireless settings are correct and the camera is ready for use. If the sending fails, you should see an error code on the lower part of the screen.

If the camera gives an error code, please consult our service at


Sending failed, but the camera doesn't give an error code?

Make sure that the device has the latest firmware update. You can find the files to update here.

Make sure that the PIN-inquiry is off. You can do this by inserting the SIM card to your phone and checking, if the phone ask's for a PIN-code. 

Check that the memory card is compatible. Trail cameras support memory cards up to 32GB in storage. 


Camera doesn't send videos?

Trail cameras that has the sending option for videos are S12HD+SMSPRO and Edge HD+3G/4G. Other cameras that shoot videos store them to the memory card, but don't send.

Check the following settings from the camera:

  • Is the photo mode ''Photo&video''. In this setting, the camera stores both photo and video to memory card, but only sends the photo. If you want the camera to send the video, switch the camera mode to ''Video''
  • Most email services have a limit on how big the received file can be (usually max. 20MB). Set the video's length and quality either 720P/20sec. or 1080P/10sec. This way the maximum file size doesn't go above 20MB.


Camera doesn't send all pictures?

Trail camera can only send one picture at a time. If there is a lot of movement in front of the camera, the device takes pictures in a faster pace than it can send them. For this reason, there sometimes can be more pictures in the memory card, than what the camera has sent.

The time it takes for the camera to send pictures depends on what network it uses. 2G-devices take up to 30-90sec., 3G 10-20sec., and 4G 5-10sec. These are estimates, as the quality of reception and the size of the file also has effect on the time it takes to send.

We recommend keeping the trigger interval at least at 1 minute. This way the camera most likely has time to send the previous picture, before taking the next one.


Camera only sends a certain number of pictures per day?

The maximum number of pictures sent daily can be adjusted from the cameras wireless settings. Go to ''Send mode - Instant'' and press OK. Here you can make the adjustment. 


When does the camera send the pictures when using TimeLapse setting?

When you have set the TimeLapse setting as you prefer, the camera starts taking pictures with those settings when turning the power switch ON.

For example: a user sets the TimeLapse so that the camera takes picture every 12 hours. The user turns the power switch ON at 2.30pm. The camera starts taking pictures at 2.30pm, 2.30am, 2.30pm, and so forth.


How do i update the cameras firmware?

You can find the instructions and updating files here.