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BURREL S12 HD+SMS PRO - 12 months free usage for a new Burrel+ service

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Burrel S12 HD+SMS Pro is an easy to use cellular trail camera for hunting and surveillance. It detects moving targets from up to 25 meters away using an internal PIR-sensor and captures a photo or video that it sends to the user's email and also stores on the camera's SD card.

**Best cellular coverage – S12 HD+SMS Pro always uses the best network available from 2G, 3G and 4G * Images and videos are delivered to Burrel+ gallery or email – Images and videos captured by your Burrel trail camera are delivered in real-time to Burrel+ gallery. In addition, images and videos can be * delivered to your email or other social apps * Burrel+ – 12 months free usage for a new Burrel+ service * 12 Megapixels and 1080p video – Excellent picture and video quality during day and night * No glow – Invisible Black IR makes the camera invisible * Detects moving targets from up to 25m distance – Best in its class PIR distance * Weatherproof – Waterproof design developed and tested for the Nordic countries

Burrel S12 HD+SMS Pro represents the latest trail camera development with the best cellular coverage, good image quality, long PIR distance and no glow flash for night-time photos and videos. Cellular Burrel trail cameras are proven to be probably the most reliable cellular trail cameras in the Nordics. It also has a low power consumption and can be used with 12pcs AA alkaline batteries or 6V external battery or AC adapter. Camera is easy to set up with a 2.0" color screen and buttons.


** Cellular network: Yes, (2G, 3G and 4G) * Picture sending: Yes * Video sending: Yes * Resolution: 12Mp * Video: 1080p @ 30fps * FOV: 58° * Photo Burst: 1-10 photos * Video Length: 1-30s * Trigger Time: 0.6s * PIR Sensitivity: Adjustable * Trigger Interval: 0-60min * Time Lapse: Yes * Size: 153x124x90mm * Display: 2.0" * Working Temperature: -20 - +60°C * Memory: SD card, max. 32GB * Power Source: 12xAA or 6V external*****