Privacy policy

Updated 2.4.2020

Alaska Brands Oy is committed to protect customer data in accordance to EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this statement, we describe our privacy policy. The customer has to agree the terms in order to use this online store.

Registrar and contact details:

Alaska Brands Oy

VAT number: FI24221246

Takomotie 1-3, 00380 Helsinki, FINLAND

More details available via email:

Why customer data is collected?

  • Maintaining customer relationship
  • Order processing, delivery and archiving
  • Development of the online store
  • To provide better customer experience
  • To provide better customer service
  • Better targeted marketing
  • For analytics
  • Preventing frauds

What customer data can be collected?

  • Information provided by customer
  • Social security number if used Klarna (not mandatory)
  • Contact information: address, phone number and email address
  • Payment information: Klarna, Paytrail or PayPal
  • User data based on analytics
  • Purchase history, such as products and prices
  • Delivery information, such as delivery method and address
  • Email address for email marketing (opt in)
  • Product reviews

Collecting contact details and payment information is necessary to operate online store. Using some information such as email address in email marketing is based on customer's acceptance. When customer opts in for a newsletter, he or she accepts the terms of use.

Handling customer data

We will always protect and and handle customer data carefully. We have limited the use of customer data so that it is used only by employees who necessarily need it to process orders and operate in customer service. The data is stored according to the local laws (e.g. accounting) and deleted when that is allowed.

Transferring persona data to third parties

Personal data can be transferred to third parties when it is necessary. Following personal data are transferred:

  • Website data for analytics
  • Email addresses for newsletter marketing tools
  • Contact information to shipping companies
  • Payment information to payment providers

Data is not transferred outside of EU or EEA when the third party is not included in European Commission Privacy Shield list.

Customer rights

Customers have following rights:

  • Right to request a list of collected personal data
  • Right to changes in personal data
  • Right to request deletion of personal data
  • Right to opt out from newsletters

All inquiries should be sent vie email to


Cookies are used to improve customer experience. We use them to follow user data and improve our services. Cookies can also be used for better targeting in online marketing. Cookies doesn't include personal data or cannot be connected to them. You have option to disable use of cookies in your browser settings.

Privacy policy updates

We may update our privacy policy at any time. You will find the lates privacy policy on this page.